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We are now open!
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'Fresh, Quality, Homemade'

Welcome to Norfolk Street Deli.


We are an upmarket sandwich company who evolved from a small Italian delicatessen in Cambridge to a multifaceted business. We have expanded our coffee shop by incorporating a sandwich round to the workplace as well as delivering special lunch buffets. Now based in Papworth, we still maintain our services in Cambridge and spread the love of good food. We love to accommodate to everyone’s tastes and indulgences, which is why we have such an extensive range of sandwiches and buffet menus.

'Exquisite Speciality Coffee'

Our blend of espresso is made up of fresh coffee beans from Columbia, Latin America, Brazil, Ethiopia and India. The bean is infused with a touch of caramel sweetness, deep plum fruited notes and a lurking kick to the finish. If you love our coffee as much as we do, we now sell filter packs so you can enjoy a taste of Norfolk Street Deli at home.

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